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Orthopaedic trauma product range news

Ortho Sol Development (Pty) Ltd has expanded the orthopaedic surgical equipment Trauma product range to compliment our very successful Cyber Leg and Wrist Fixator Range as well as the Fibula Nail.

Already available is a very competitively priced full range of K Wires and Steinman Pins.

Our full range of Volar Plates will be available within the next few weeks.

For the elderly patients our Saturn Bi Polar hip replacement arthroplasty has already been launched.

Plates for Large and Small Fracture Sets with a full range of Screws Cortical, Cancellous etc. will be available shortly.

Our Radial and Humeral Nails are currently in production and will be available in the forthcoming weeks.

All the above products are and will be fully manufactured locally in house representing a significant saving factor to patients and medical aids.

Ortho Sol is a South African company specializing in the manufacture of Orthopaedic implant equipment and products assisting orthopaedic surgeons deal with orthopaedic surgical processes.

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