Ortho-Sol Development - Orthopaedic Processes

Equipment and Implants

Ortho-Sol is a South African company specializing in the manufacturing of Orthopaedic processes, equipment and implants. With a strong emphasis on Orthopaedic research and development, Ortho-Sol has developed a range of quality hip replacement and innovative spinal fusion products that are simply World Class.

Included in the Hip replacement Arthroplasty range for the Hip joint is the newly developed OrtholithTM diamond coated prostheses. This product is highly acclaimed and considered the Diamond Standard for Hip Replacement Arthroplasty. 

For the Spinal system Ortho-Sol has developed pedicle screws, rods and cross links for all required sizes as well as a full set of Peek cages for all surgical techniques.

In addition Ortho-Sol provides surgical support services, providing on-site guidance and technical assistance to the growing number of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommending our products.

Of paramount concern is the need for informed choice by the patient and Ortho-Sol supports patient queries and provides patient information regarding the pre-operative and post-operative circumstances that patients may expect.

Ortho-Sol has extensive local and international certification providing complete peace of mind to the Orthopaedic Surgeon and the patient that the Ortho-Sol product is manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

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