Saturn Preserve Hip

Saturn Preserve Hip

The Saturn Preserve Mid Head Hip Replacement System was designed by a number of leading orthopaedic surgeons in conjunction with metallurgical and mechanical engineers for the purpose of providing a patient with hip replacement option that would provide both longevity and stability to the replaced hip joint.

Instrumentation is easy to use and is made of high quality materials using the latest technology and machinery available while reducing both operating time and risk to the patient.

Saturn Preserve Hip Replacement


  • The Saturn Preserve Mid Head Hip is designed to provide excellent primary stability due to the screw thread stem design.
  • The femoral stem is resected and reamed through the middle to remove most of the potentially diseased and necrotic bone.
  • The Saturn Preserve stem is then screwed into the bone and fixed with stabilising screws to prevent backing out.
  • An anatomically similar sized head and cup are inserted, which mimics the patient’s own anatomy while also reducing the potential for dislocation and wear of the hip joint
  • The Saturn Preserve stem’s shape is such that it reduces stress shielding in the femur, thereby preventing long term bone loss.