Original Equipment Manufacturer

Ortho Sol Development (Pty) Ltd is a skilled and innovative manufacturer of precision engineered instruments, implants and other medical requirements.

As manufacturers, we can supply prototypes as PC generated solid models or rapid prototype them in plastic.

We are available to work with Surgeons, Doctors or design engineers to turn your projects into reality.

We have the resources with CAD/CAM technology to transfer 3-D Solid models and conceptual blue prints to our manufacturing facility seamlessly.

We understand your requirements, and then develop the manufacturing process that exceeds your standards.

Ortho Sol Development (Pty) Ltd utilize the latest technology in 3D Solid modelling & multi-axis CNC programming software as well as technological advancements in multi-tasking CNC machines.

These capabilities include 9-Axis Swiss turn/mill, 5-Axis wire, and 4-Axis mill as well as other CNC precision mills and lathes.

We have experience with medical-grade metals (stainless steel and titanium), and non-metals (Polyether ether ketone {PEEK} and acetal).