Saturn Dual Articulating Hip

Saturn Dual Articulating Hip

  • Variety of sizes
  • Dual articulating head
  • Affordable advanced technology
  • Restores and maintains hip stability
  • Hydroxyapaptite coated acetabular cup
  • UHMWPE highly cross linked vitamin e polyethylene
  • Improved range of motion of hip without risk of dislocation
  • Acetabular component provides excellent primary and secondary stability

The Saturn Dual Bearing Cup has been designed in conjunct ion with orthopaedic surgeons and are manufactured using advanced engineering principles within our state-of-the-art facility.

This together with clinically certified materials ensure that the hip is of the highest quality available for both surgeon and patient peace of mind.

A range of sizes are available to accommodate various patient anatomies.

Acetabular cup technical:

  • Manufactured in “as cast” high carbon cobalt chrome alloy to a technical specification with a proven history as a hip bearing for over 40 years
  • Surface finishing specifications are aligned with the most advanced manufacturing technology available
  • Patented bead configuration manufacturing technology. Optimally spaced individual beads , unlike other products which are randomly spaced and overlapping, which can lead to a lack of uniform bony on-growth
  • Self-centering cup. The cup can be inserted in any rotational position unlike other cups that have to engage the ischium and pubis.

Articulating head technical:

highly cross-linked vitamin e UHMWPE endo head encasing a mobile 28mm metal head for dual mobility

Articulating head advantages:

  • wider range of motion in active patients
  • decreased possibility of dislocation in elderly patients
  • restores and maintains hip stability in THR patients of all ages, with a full range of combination sizes
  • crutch weight bearing post-operatively


Joint failure due to inter alia: osteo arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; hip fractures; bone tumours; avascular necrosis; paget’s disease; ankylosis

Please note:

Total hip arthroplasty is restricted to surgeons that have undergone adequate training in this type of surgery.

The dual mobility hip system should not be used with components other than those supplied by ortho sol development (pty) ltd.