Patient Support

Even in this sensitive scenario, money unfortunately is the root of all evil but you do, ultimately as the patient, have a choice.

The choice of Prosthesis (Hip, Knee or Spinal Implant) is mostly accepted by patients as prescribed by the consulted surgeon. Orthopaedic and Neuro Surgeons are fully qualified to make this recommendation based on their qualifications and years of training.

Unfortunately in most cases the prescription implant of the Surgeons choice is made on the basis of what you the patient is covered for (amount) by your Medical Aid and or alternatively what you as patient can afford. (This might not necessarily be the best option, or the latest technology. This is simply the most cost effective way, depending on your circumstances of getting you mobile)

It is extremely important for you as a patient, prior to consenting to or undergoing any joint replacement surgery, to investigate your options to which you are fully entitled and determine what best suits your quality of life by considering and establishing the following:

1. Affordability – Establish your Medical Aid Limit.
2. Options – Ex Gratia Payments – Contribution to voluntary upgrade.
3. Time Limitations - As indicated by your Surgeon to enable you to accumulate additional subsidy funds.
4. A second opinion if you consider it necessary.

Important Notice

No Medical Aid can by law, compel, advise or recommend by way of preferred suppliers due to pricing structures, in contradiction to either your choice or that of your surgeon, pertaining to choice of product. The choice of product will ultimately remains yours.

We at Ortho Sol can provide you with all the comparative product information you might require to make your informed decision.

Please do take the time to visit our products page to assist  you in making your own informed choice.