Cervical Plates

Cervical Plates

  • pre-curved
  • variety of sizes
  • secure screw locking
  • low profile construct
  • user friendly instrumentation


  • Anterior interbody screw fixation of the cervical spine
  • Temporary anterior stabilisation of the cervical spine during the fusion process
  • Stablilisation of trauma (including fractures); tumours; deformity; pseudoarthrosis and or failed previous fusions; corpectomy; cervical myelopathy; kyphosis or lordosis corrective surgery.
  • Prevention of anterior migration of cervical cages
  • Stabilisation of segment after discectomy and or corpectomy during the fusion process.

Please note: Surgeons using the cervical plate must be knowledgable in the medical and surgical aspects of the implant, as well as the limitations of the metallurgical and mechanical properties of the implants.

Correct selection of the implant components is critical to the success of the procedure. Mixing metals may cause corrosion. Should any other devices be used with the cervical plate, there would be a risk of elevated metal ion levels in the body as well as premature failure of the implants.

Any other fixation device that comes into contact with the cervical plate must be made from like or compatible materials.