External Wrist Fixator

External Wrist Fixator

The Ortho Sol External Wrist Fixator is primarily used to reduce the distal radius fracture and to maintain that reduction throughout the period of treatment while retaining the axial alignment of the bones.

Two pins are inserted into the metacarpal bone (usually the 2nd metacarpal bone) and the other two pins are inserted into the radius. The Ortho Sol External Wrist Fixator is connected to the pins thereby bridging the fracture site.

The Ortho Sol External Wrist Fixator has a double ball joint connection that facilitates accurate reduction of the fracture in all planes as well as a stable locking mechanism that will ensure that the fracture remains reduced throughout the period of treatment.

The distraction of the fixator works against ligament tension to stabilize the fracture.


  • When radial length is decreased by more than 2-3mm
  • Presence of dorsal comminution
  • When closed reduction fails to restore normal anatomical palmar tilt.
  • For any unstable or extra or intra-articular distal radial fracture which cannot be held in a reduced position with a cast.
  • Where fracture alignment is required using ligamentotaxis.
  • Radial osteotomies

Operative technique:

  • Align the ball joint of the fixator to the centre of the wrist rotation while positioning the fixator against the patients arm
  • Should mobilization of the fracture be planned at the early stages (usually after 3-4 weeks) then the distal ball of the fixator should be aligned with the lunate-capitate joint on insertion.
    (It is only advisable if the ulnar side of the radius is stable.)
  • Mark the position of one of the proximal pins and one of the distal pins.
  • Drill the self tapping pins in, being cautious to avoid any vital structures.
  • Loosen all of the locking screws on the Ortho Sol External Wrist Fixator and install the fixator as described in point 2 above.
  • Using the fixator as a guide, drill the other pins in, being cautious to avoid vital structures.